Album | 2024 | 12 Songs

Evil Wayz
Runnin' Shine
Straight Between The Eyes
Mexican Border
Man Of Constant Sorrow
My Lucky Graveyardboots
Angels' Share
A Gunmans Trail
Never Stop To Start Again

Call of the Wild
Album | 2017 | 13 Songs

W.H. Bonney
Hell & Back
Call of the Wild
Silver City Shuffle
600 Miles - The Escape
All the Long Way Home
Bullets n´Bones - The House
Lincoln Country War - The Regulators
Mexican Standoff - Interlude
Thirty Silver Dollars
Back in the Saddle - Hello Bob
Smile as My Last Day Ends

Dead Men´s Hand
Album | 2012 | 14 Songs

Under the Gun
Yippie Ya Yeah
Bullet with My Name
Just Like Cowboyzz Do
Last Man Standing
My Ol´ Rebel Heart
Saloon No. 10
Dead Man´s Hand
Train of Souls
Wild Horses
My Gun an Me

Dawn of Dying
Album | 2012 | 15 Songs

The Beginning
As Judgement
Gomorrah of the Plains
The Dawn of Dying
My Gun and Me
Gone with the Wind
Rattlesnake Shake
Riders in the Sky
Devil`s Horse
Jumpin Down the Running Train
Dodge City
The End
Oriental Saloon
Dead from the Eyes Down

An Eye for an Eye
Album | 2008 | 12 Songs

An Eye for an Eye
Days of Thunder
Wild Bunch
Wild Times
Riders on the Storm
Here Comes the Pain
Give Up
May Heaven Strike Me Down
When the Circus Comes to Town
A Tooth for a Tooth
25. Min. To Go

The Legend and the Truth
Album | 2006 | 15 Songs

The Legend and the Truth
Dust of History
First Blood
Deadman Walkin'
Hillbilly Square
March to Destiny
OK Corral
Look into the Barrel of My Gun
Earp's Vendetta
Friends Till the End
Echoes of Etenity

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